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Our Story 

Who We Are

We are an international-focused business process outsourcer. Intentionally constructed around human experiences. 

Built by great, committed, and dedicated individuals, supported by advanced technology.

We look forward to adding value to your organisation and supporting you in driving your company success and driving your brand values through to your clientele.


Operating with 400 team members we are ideally postioned to offer a boutique approach allowing our business to retain the agility and flexibility needed to provide service that you need when you need them. 

We pride ourselves in the levels of services and support we provide to our clients, while continually enriching our team and our community.

Our Values

Our Mission

P3  is committed to collaboratively co-creating brand differentiation, that enriches the customer experience.

Improving sustainability through responsible and ethical business planning and management.


The First and most important that we cherish is our professionalism and interaction with clients and customer alike.

Core Values


Secondly, all that we do is to ensure the success of projects and client portfolio's with purpose.


Thirdly, we are extremely dedicated and passionate about delivery the best results possible to all our clients and employees.

Our Direction

P3 is committed to providing positive disruption to the industry while empowering and advancing its team members.


P3 will always endeavour to maintain its agility and motivation to deliver unprecedented service to its client.


P3 is in line with its growth targets for 2021 and we hope to be exceed 800 active team members by end of the first quarter 2022.

Our People

Diversity, Family, Orientation, Excellence, Integrity and Customer centricity

P3 is about People, P3 is a Crowd, P3 is a Family.

We believe in opening our doors to the right people, through training and giving responsibilities in each sector of our business to provide accountability and build a like-minded family.

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