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What We Can Do for You

Retentions & Win backs

Understanding the differentiators of consumer acquisition costs we have developed a highly skilled team of individuals that have fully understanding the application of emotional intelligence to retain consumers.

Claims Processing

Due to our history in short term insurance we have deep in house skills to deliver a compliant and sympathetic claims processing experience.

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P3 believes strongly in the pillars of its brand and its brand values. But within our DNA is the belief that our brand bolsters its value through strong collaboration and adoption of our clients brand and brand values.

Customer Lifecycle Management

With and in-depth understanding of maximizing consumer ROI P3 consistently hones through digital and human interactions touch points through out the duration of the consumers lifecyle

Social Media Management and Design

Understanding how communications and consumer preferred means of communications have evolved we have developed an effective team in house to manage all aspects of social media creation and management of interactions.

Lead Management & Generation

Our expertise in Telemarketing enables us to offer a consistent and verified flow of leads through organic and trusted pipelines that will help our clients reach targets, goals and turn over sales.

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"We will ensure to have a clear direction and ensure we bring in and develop great people."

Ian Kinsey, CEO

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