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What you put in is what you get out

Poor nutrition doesn’t just impact our health, it can affect our performance at work by negatively impacting concentration and energy levels, and cause irritability, frustration and impatience.


Learning Blocks of Nutrition

The first and most crucial step is to educate yourself on the nutritional worth and effects of various foods and beverages. By educating yourself, you’ll be able to adjust your diet in a straightforward manner for healthier results and improved productivity at work. For instance, by swapping out sugar for protein, zinc, iron, vitamin D, and the brain-boosting chemical choline, eggs on toast creates a better breakfast than jam on toast. The idea that eggs raise cholesterol is a misconception as well.


Create a Routine

By creating a routine, you can be ready for meals and choices that are healthier, such as preparing your own food or giving up cake. Importantly, you are choosing what to eat before you become hungry. Prepare a meals that are easy to transport to work. Avoid buying crisps/potato chips, sweets, or candies from the vending machine, rather substitute them with nutritious snacks, such as carrot sticks, almonds, and dried fruits and nuts.


Effective Eating

Pointers to further improve your work day:

1. Don’t skip meals, as skipping meals has a number of negative effects:

  • You’re more likely to overeat at other times

  • You’re more likely to gain weight

  • Mood is negatively impacted

  • Concentration suffers as blood sugar and energy declines

2. Protein vs Sugar:

  • Load up on protein at breakfast to kickstart your metabolism, stay full for longer and aren’t tempted to snack

  • Avoid sugary foods as you’ll be chasing that sugar rush all day

3. Dehydration at work can lead to decreased productivity, impaired cognitive function, slower reaction times, and even low morale, so:

  • Since your brain is mainly water, being hydrated will improve your ability to concentrate, think clearly, and think faster.

  • it encourages weight loss

  • Toxins are flushed out..

  • it also enhances skin complexion.

  • it keeps you regular.

4. Lunch Advice:

  • Take some time to eat your lunch.

  • Lunch should be prepared at home.

  • Find a lunch partner or form a lunch group.

  • Avoid eating at your desk as doing so makes it much easier to overeat.

  • Find healthy eating choices near your workplace.

  • Watch your food volume intake

  • Avoid eating junk (packaged and processed) food

5. Advantages of eating correctly at work:


  • Cognitive performance

  • Immune system

  • Energy levels

  • Mental health


  • likelihood of developing lifestyle-related illnesses including diabetes and cardiovascular disease

  • Stress

By implementing the tips and techniques listed above, you can increase both your work output and general health and well-being.

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